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People v. W.L.

Client was charged with Violation of a Protection Order. The charge was based on a technicality that was a grey area in the law. By reviewing the law, negotiating with the DA, and advising our client to participate in pre-sentence treatment, we were able to convince the DA that the right thing to do was dismiss the case. The DA eventually agreed, and the case was dismissed.

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People v. K. T.

Client was charged with DUI and Careless Driving. Client’s BAC was .246. Through client interviewing and investigation, we were able to highlight for the DA holes in the case and our client’s good behavior, resulting in a plea to DWAI and Weaving. The client was able to retain a driver’s license.

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People v. O. O.

Client was charged with Third Degree Assault as an Act of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse-Knowing/Reckless-No Injury. Through negotiations with the DA, we were able to get a plea to Telephone Harassment as an Act of Domestic Violence, and the client was allowed to do probation from another state.

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People v. T. M.

Client had multiple charges and was facing a license revocation and up to two years in jail with no offer from the DA..Through client interviews and negotiations with the DA, we were able to get the client a probation offer and all driving charges pled to zero-point, non-moving violations, so that the client retained a driver’s license.

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