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Interest of K.O.

Client’s grandchild was born premature and incurred major medical expenses. Grandchild’s parents could not qualify for government assistance but neither could they afford health insurance. Through an emergency (and regular) guardianship and special (and regular) conservatorship, we were able to appoint client as guardian and conservator such that client’s health insurance covered the child, saving the parties significant medical costs.

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Interest of A.B.

Clients’ granddaughter petitioned to appoint expensive professional guardian and conservator. Clients contested incapacity and especially did not want to pay for professional fiduciaries. Through negotiations with Opposing Counsel and discussions with our clients, we were able to find a suitable family member to serve and reached a full agreement, saving significant costs for all involved.

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Interest of H.K.

Client was accused of neglecting her incapacitated significant other. Though client had been with the significant other for over twelve years, other family members were appointed emergency guardians, and they promptly denied client’s visitation of the protected party. Through a contested hearing, we were able to successfully restore our client’s right to visit her beloved significant other.

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Interest of B.M.

Client and siblings were involved in heated dispute over proper care for aging mother. Through negotiations with Opposing Counsel and our client, we were able to reach a resolution where each sibling would contribute to mother’s care. The result substantially decreased the litigation, making the process far less expensive and tumultuous for all involved.

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Estate of J.H.

Client and sister disputed nominations for Guardian and Conservator of their aging mother. Through negotiations with Opposing Counsel and research regarding professional fiduciaries, we were able to reach a full resolution with all parties, including client’s mother. The agreement took a potentially multi-day hearing down to a matter of minutes. Judge complimented all involved on the congenial and professional result.

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